Video Transcript

NINA: Working with us is a bit like being in a family.

DEREK: When we look to acquire a new company, we really do communicate the long-term vision that we have and our ability to truly be partners for the long term with the management team.

MIKE: It’s truly a partnership.

MIKE: We care about the companies we invest in. We care about the people at the companies. We are buying companies that we think can grow to be the leaders in their sector.

NINA: Our breadth as a pension plan with the different investments we have infrastructure, in real estate, in the capital markets, really opens up many doors and allows us to have a broad network of companies, advisors and just generally people that we can introduce our portfolio companies to, to create better opportunities for them.

MIKE: We have a team of over 45 people within the private equity group at OMERS. We are in four offices: the home office of Toronto, New York, London, and Singapore, which gives us great breadth and scope.

MIKE: Management teams appreciate that we will be here for the long term. That we’re willing to help them with their growth plan as opposed to being worried about short term gains. The permanent capital base that we have as being part of a pension fund allows us to do that.

DEREK: We’re a little bit unique using this model and really, truly trying to be partners versus just being, you know, alongside the equity cap table with the management team.

MIKE: We’ve been investing in the private equity asset class for over 30 years. So we are not a fly by night organization just dabbling in private equity. We’ve been in it for 30 years. We intend to be in it for the next 50 years.