Committed to
Empowering Growth

OMERS Growth Equity invests in high-growth companies backed by exceptional entrepreneurs.  We partner to create long-term competitive advantage for companies with a commitment to innovation in industries such as healthcare and technology.  We make minority equity investments of $50M to $250M and are active partners on the boards of companies we invest in.

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Our Approach


Like the companies we invest in we are innovative and continuously think about how to adapt to a constantly evolving future.


We are purposeful and proactive. We conduct research to identify winning investment themes and the companies impacted by them today, and in the years to come.


We align with company leadership from the time of our initial investment to deliver success, together.

Our Team

The Growth Equity team is made up of experienced professionals who are passionate about growth, innovation and making tomorrow better. Mark Shulgan and the team look forward to meeting you.

Photo of Mark Redman, Executive Vice President & Global Head of Private Equity