OMERS Private Equity Mid-Year Update

Our Private Equity team is off to a strong start in 2021, and we anticipate it will only get busier in the latter half of the year with a booming M&A market and the economy finding strong footing.

We ended 2020 with the acquisition of TurnPoint, a leading provider of residential HVAC services and have built on the growth momentum with eight tuck-under acquisitions under our ownership. Overall, we are seeing continued growth across our portfolio through tuck-under acquisitions. You can read more about our recent activity here.

Mike Graham Round TRANS

In May, we announced our acquisition of Gastro Health, a leading U.S. platform supporting medical groups specializing in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders, nutrition and digestive health. We look forward to working with Joseph Garcia and the Gastro Health team on the next phase of growth as they continue to provide patients with access to best-in-class clinicians and deliver a range of essential services, while maintaining consistency of care.

Led by our European team, we also announced our investment in International Schools Partnership (ISP), a leading group of 50 international schools across 15 countries serving around 45,000 students. We are excited to add ISP to our portfolio as we continue to look for opportunities to deploy capital in industry leading companies across Europe. You can read more about our recent investments here.

Also, in May, we announced the sale of Environmental Resources Management (ERM) to KKR. Over the course of our ownership, we supported the company and its management in an ambitious growth strategy with great results. ERM moves forward from our period of investment with significantly enhanced scale and capability and is well-placed to further deliver critical services to its clients around the world. We wish Keryn James, the management team and its employees continued success.

We also want to wish Bruce Blaise, former President and CEO of our portfolio company The Kenan Advantage Group, a happy retirement. On June 1, after a nearly 40-year career in the industry, he was succeeded as CEO by Charlie Delacey. Grant Mitchell has taken on the role of President in addition to his role as COO.

We look forward to continuing our partnership and hope to see you soon.

Mike Graham, Global Head of Private Equity