Recent Additions to the Portfolio

International Schools Partnership

Sector: Education

Investment Date: May 2021

Headquarters: London, UK

International Schools Partnership (ISP) owns and operates 50 international schools educating 45,000 students globally. ISP schools are located in USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Malaysia, Mexico and Peru and are served by 7,000 staff members offering multiple curricular options to students age 2-18. ISP continues to engage with schools globally who are interested in becoming a part of their group.

ISP Kids

Gastro Health

Sector: Healthcare

Investment: May 2021

Headquarters: Miami, FL, USA

Gastro Health is one of the U.S.’s fastest-growing gastroenterology platforms. Supporting groups in Alabama, Florida, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, and Washington and with over 250 physicians, Gastro Health-affiliated medical groups provide patients with access to best-in-class clinicians and deliver a range of services, while maintaining consistency of care. Gastro Health offers complete care of the digestive system, from evaluation to treatment, including surgery. With office locations, endoscopy centers, and affiliations with premier hospitals, there is always a Gastro Health physician nearby in the markets they serve.

Gastro Health image

TurnPoint Services

Sector: Residential Services

Investment: November 2020

Headquarters: Louisville, KY, USA

TurnPoint Services is a leading provider of residential services, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (“HVAC”), along with plumbing and electrical. In addition, TurnPoint has recently expanded their commercial offering as well. The Company’s center of excellence, which leverages capabilities and best practices across all its acquired brands, has been a key driver of its rapid recent growth. TurnPoint currently has 17 brands, which in aggregate employ over 720 technicians performing over 290,000 service jobs annually.

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