Michael has served as Global Head of OMERS Private Equity since April 2020. Previous to this role, he was Senior Managing Director and Head of North America for Private Equity. Michael has been with Private Equity since 2003, and he opened the New York office in 2009. Michael is active with several investments for Private Equity and is, or has been, on the board of numerous investments, including Kenan Advantage Group, EPIQ, Great Expressions Dental Centers, United States Infrastructure Corporation, Nordco Inc., CHG Healthcare, and Marketwired.

Prior to Private Equity, Michael was with a mid-sized, Toronto-based private equity and venture capital firm, where he made several buyout and growth capital investments, and was active on 10 portfolio company boards. Michael began his career at HSBC.

Michael has an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from Queen's University. He also has an MBA from Schulich School of Business, York University.