Recent Tuck-Under Acquisitions

As we continue to progress through the year – which so far has been very active on all fronts – our primary driver of growth on the portfolio side has been tuck-under acquisitions. Coming off a year that saw us complete 40 tuck- unders despite the pandemic, we have already executed 25 such transactions in the first half of 2021.

At OPE, many of our assets are what we call “M&A stories” – companies that fit our target profile and offer a compelling rationale for active consolidation. A few recent tuck-under highlights from across our portfolio include:

TurnPoint Services, a top heating, ventilation and air conditioning provider, has completed seven acquisitions under our ownership. The most recent was its purchase of Schaal Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, which helped TurnPoint expand in the Midwest United States.

Newsletter 3 - Recent Tuck-In Acquisitions - Turnpoint Services

Premise Health, a leading direct healthcare provider, acquired Sonic Boom Wellness in February to expand its existing suite of solutions by adding a new digital engagement platform.

Newsletter 4 - Recent Tuck-In Acquisitions - Premise Health Private Equity 3

Epiq, a global leader in technology-enabled legal solutions, purchased Hyperion Global Partners in late 2020, expanding its legal transformation services.

Newsletter 6 - Recent Tuck-In Acquisitions - Epiq

Community Veterinary Partners, leading owner and operator of veterinary hospitals, committed to providing world-class treatment and health services to animals, has continued to acquire practices to meet the increased demand driven by pet ownership during the pandemic.

NEwsletter 7 Recent Tuck-In Acquisitions - Community Vet Partners

Our approach at OPE is to partner with best-in-class management teams to build industry-leading companies and accelerate growth, including through acquisitions and industry consolidation where appropriate. In fact, we actively target M&A opportunities for companies operating within highly fragmented markets, either to leverage the benefits of scale or expand geographic reach.